Meet the Staff

Frances: Office Manager 

Frances is the original office manager of Loftis Endodontics since 2008 and is the corner stone of our practice.  She has been committed to helping our patients with all their scheduling and billing needs from the very beginning.  Since she has been with our practice for so long she has also become a wealth of information for our patients in regards to treatment and expectations.  I can truly say that we could never have made it without her.  

Angel: Clinical and Administration Coordinator

Angel has been a true asset.  She is formally trained as a clinical assistant. She is often called in to assist with complex endodontic surgeries.  She has also become very knowledgable about insurance benefits and scheduling.  Her beautiful welcoming smile is comforting to all our patients.  

Shawn: Administration Coordinator

Shawn is a very friendly knowledgable asset.  She has been with Loftis Endodontics since 2009.  Patients comment all the time how she is an expert at putting them at ease by talking to them.  However, the patients don’t realize the many hours how she spends behind the scenes to coordinate their insurance benefits so that the needed treatment is affordable.  She truly is a patient advocate.  

Kathy: Clinical Coordinator

Kathy also has been with Loftis Endodontics from the very beginning in 2008.  I remember her unpacking all the new equipment before our doors were even opened.  Kathy is our most experienced clinical assistant.  She has truly become a talented highly skilled assistant.  Her talents include advanced imaging, and four handed non surgical and surgical endodontics.  In recent years she has also become very knowledgable about patient insurance benefits and scheduling.  However, her biggest asset to our patients is her years of experience providing the same procedure.  This has allowed her to see most any complex endodontic condition and complication.  She helps our patients everyday.  

Peggy:  Clinical Assistant

Peggy has been a true godsend.  She has come on board since the fall of 2015.  However, she has learned more skills faster than any assistant I have seen in my 13 years of experience in the dental profession.  I am often amazed at how I can show her how to do something for the first time and she is able to perform.  However, as you can see from her picture her biggest asset is her personality.  It is impossible to teach what god has given her.  She is always comforting to the patients and tries to help even the most phobic of patients.  We hope to have her for many years.